Cakers Dowels - Opaque

Cakers Dowels - Opaque

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Cakers Dowels are specially designed 'food safe' plastic dowels for building stacked and tiered cakes. 

2 sizes:

Large - Length 35cm and diameter 1.60cm

Small - Length 30cm and diameters 0.60cm

Standard size for use in stacking of up to 3 tier cakes. The opaque dowels allow the cake to pass through them instead of compressing the cake like conventional dowels.

The plastic that these are made from has been specially engineered for these to hold weight. Other dowels may be prone to collapsing, specifically solid wooden or plastic dowels as there is no where for the cake to go.  

  • Easy to cut with scissors 
  • Easy to see when disassembling cake 
  • Sanitary Disposable 
  • Not chemically treated